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cold-blooded fever, hot-headed vices.

[ For the longest time, Gon convinced himself that his journey would've gone on forever.

Never mind the faulted rhetoric of staying with someone too long to admit his faults, or where exactly he'd gone astray, in-between white lies and fatal oversights. At the end of everything, all he had were his feeble justifications and the deep, deep pit of his remorse, where he buried the rest of the apology the day he parted ways with Killua. His journey hadn't been tied down to a person as it was a construct. Ging hadn't been the goal, only the catalyst — the fulcrum to turn his world and keep it revolving on its axis. He'd been so preoccupied with the sole objective of his trip that after finding Ging, there was nowhere else to go besides home, back to Whale Island and its indolent charms. He'd forgotten his departure was only a means to an end.

Since then, his life has been troublingly mundane, jotting down essay after essay, making a doomed headway into arithmetic and the sciences until his head spun. A few months go by where that's all there is: fluky work and Mito telegraphing concern with the entirety of her body during every meal. At some point, it occurs to get back in touch with his friends. The beetle phone is no good for calling Alluka or Killua, who are no longer accessible by phone, and there's no room for leisure trips when Leorio is on the verge of realizing his dream, but Kurapika returns the call he's left, accepts his offer to visit.

Their appointed place isn't anywhere specific besides Whale Island itself, although Gon keeps a watchful vigil on the docks regardless. In a way, it's catharsis, and for a boy well-versed in the art of burning his own bridges, it gives him something to look forward to in a manner the stack of papers waiting for him hadn't. The culmination of two years spent out in the wilderness of the continents, braving adventure after adventure, in that respect, seems so far away from the life he leads now, learning to own up to his mistakes.

Until now, he hadn't known what it meant to build his life on contrariety and ceaseless impulse. Ambition grew under his skin like an ingrown habit, but he'd been arrogant — far too prideful to ever err on the side of caution. Until now, he'd always been a risk to those around him as much as himself.

Wandering aimlessly through the overgrowth of trees for the third day of staking out the beach for any new arrivals, he's greeted with an entirely different sight than he'd expected. No tabard on his friend this time, his former outfit replaced with a clean-pressed suit entirely inappropriate for trekking through jungles and sloshing through bog swamps, but Gon has already fumbled past the notion of exchanging idle pleasantries upon stumbling out into the open clearing — his heart all but lodged as far up as his throat while sprinting over slow-baked sand, the irascible sound of it thudding in his eardrums — long before he's careened into him, flung his arms around Kurapika with asphyxiating tenderness. So long, common propriety. If his friend hasn't prepared any preemptive measure to cope with the sudden, lunging tackle of a hug, he'll soon earn himself a one-way trip (tumble) onto the moss-bitten pier. ]

Kurapika! Kurapika, I missed you!

[ Even with the sun slanting beams of light into his line of view, his smile is just as immensely effusive as it ever is, threatening to split his face in two. ]

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