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[ One way or another, things were bound to hit a breaking point.

There's no immediacy in it, just the slow burn of camaraderie as the months collapse in on themselves. They spend more and more time beside each other, building up toward nearness with exacting precision.

Going to the amusement park is just a suggestion at first, impulsive and slightly off-kilter, strung up as something relatively mundane. At first glance, no cause for concern whatsoever. Gon doesn't suspect much of anything out of it, given their penchant for wasting their downtime in town locales, tourists in every sense of the word and then some. Paying homage to spontaneity is only the tip of the iceberg. They've spent enough time in each other's company that it's second nature to jump the gun on assumptions.

As it turns out, there's more to suspect in the methodology of his delivery. Killua kept prattling on and on about the benignity of spending a day at the amusement park in decidedly sweeping, grandiose motions the entire bus ride. Juxtaposition in his hands: fingers splayed out wide, movements too sharply rigid, a jarring contrast to the tone he'd surreptitiously taken up. It'd been telling enough that he'd kept babbling for a long while after Gon drowsed off at the window seat, cheek smeared against the window, the din of the fellow riders rendered as polite backdrop.

He was definitely hiding something from him.

But in spite of Killua's selective ignorance whenever Gon so much as broaches the subject, their trip starts off well enough. As one of the first kids in line, they've already bypassed the ticket window by seven, giving them ample time to pick-and-choose among the rides sequestered along the lot. Despite the comparative informality of the proceedings, Killua has been entirely strange, avoiding close proximity like he could be scalded by it, unraveled by just a touch.

In any case, Gon is relentless, and quick on the uptake, he's willing to humor the worst of a decidedly weird exercise in self-control and restraint if he's with his best friend. Whatever misgivings he might have are few and far between, (forgiven) forgotten by the time he's fisted their hands together.

Turning to Killua outside the hulking roller-coaster structures, he grins widely, complexion entirely disarmed. His expression is sharp enough to bleed on, but there's only laughter thrumming in his windpipe when he gesticulates to the tilt-a-whirl (with all the patrons reeling away from the ride to pantomime dry-retching into the nearby shrubbery). ]

Hey, Killua! Look! Let's go on that ride next.

[ Apparently, his enthusiasm is indomitable against the very real prospect of emptying everything in their stomachs all over the bushes. Nice. ]

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