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[ One way or another, things were bound to hit a breaking point.

There's no immediacy in it, just the slow burn of camaraderie as the months collapse in on themselves. They spend more and more time beside each other, building up toward nearness with exacting precision.

Going to the amusement park is just a suggestion at first, impulsive and slightly off-kilter, strung up as something relatively mundane. At first glance, no cause for concern whatsoever. Gon doesn't suspect much of anything out of it, given their penchant for wasting their downtime in town locales, tourists in every sense of the word and then some. Paying homage to spontaneity is only the tip of the iceberg. They've spent enough time in each other's company that it's second nature to jump the gun on assumptions.

As it turns out, there's more to suspect in the methodology of his delivery. Killua kept prattling on and on about the benignity of spending a day at the amusement park in decidedly sweeping, grandiose motions the entire bus ride. Juxtaposition in his hands: fingers splayed out wide, movements too sharply rigid, a jarring contrast to the tone he'd surreptitiously taken up. It'd been telling enough that he'd kept babbling for a long while after Gon drowsed off at the window seat, cheek smeared against the window, the din of the fellow riders rendered as polite backdrop.

He was definitely hiding something from him.

But in spite of Killua's selective ignorance whenever Gon so much as broaches the subject, their trip starts off well enough. As one of the first kids in line, they've already bypassed the ticket window by seven, giving them ample time to pick-and-choose among the rides sequestered along the lot. Despite the comparative informality of the proceedings, Killua has been entirely strange, avoiding close proximity like he could be scalded by it, unraveled by just a touch.

In any case, Gon is relentless, and quick on the uptake, he's willing to humor the worst of a decidedly weird exercise in self-control and restraint if he's with his best friend. Whatever misgivings he might have are few and far between, (forgiven) forgotten by the time he's fisted their hands together.

Turning to Killua outside the hulking roller-coaster structures, he grins widely, complexion entirely disarmed. His expression is sharp enough to bleed on, but there's only laughter thrumming in his windpipe when he gesticulates to the tilt-a-whirl (with all the patrons reeling away from the ride to pantomime dry-retching into the nearby shrubbery). ]

Hey, Killua! Look! Let's go on that ride next.

[ Apparently, his enthusiasm is indomitable against the very real prospect of emptying everything in their stomachs all over the bushes. Nice. ]
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That ride?

[ Killua's pretty darn sure that those people are only half-faking the puking. He's also feeling more than tense enough, with Gon's hand in his, warm and the grip tight.

...what if he pukes before he gets on the ride? Now that would be too embarrassing. He might as well get on that crazy looking thing—it looks pretty fun, anyway. ]

Huh. Fine! Just don't complain if you throw up all that food you ate!

[ He starts toward the line, breaking into a jog almost immediately and pulling on Gon's hand, but not letting go. ]
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[ Killua freezes up, but only for a bare fraction of a second before he yanks Gon's hand again. ]

Don't make it weird, Gon.

[ He sticks out his tongue slightly and squeezes his hand hard. The line is moving slowly, but definitely moving. Killua shuffles his feet and looks around left and right, hair swishing with how fast he's turning his head.

Then he just looks straight ahead and starts talking. ]

I didn't ask you to come with just to go on crazy rides, by the way.
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[ God, Gon. Killua gives him a sharp look, before it goes normal again and he just frowns, corners of his mouth pulled down exaggeratedly. He pulls back when Gon leans in—then shoves forward, bumping Gon's shoulder hard. ]

Sheesh, back off. I wanted to tell you something, but now I'm gonna wait until after the ride.
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You being annoying, obviously.

[ Of course, Killua shoves him back and steps it up by kicking him in the shin (not too lightly). And to change the subject, he starts looking around again. ]

Hey, let's go on that one next.

[ It's a spinning ride with some crazy screams coming from it. ]
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[ Finally they're at the front of the line. Killua lets Gon pull him with only a minimal amount of pulling back on his hand, then tumbles into the seat, almost falling on top of him. ]

Oof. [ Despite the urge not to, Killua pulls the lap bar down over them. ]

We should've eaten more before getting on. [ He grins, sharp, and kicks out at Gon's leg again even though they're sitting down. ] So one of us might actually throw up!
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Because if the other one can hold off they'd win.

[ In this... not-vomiting competition. Of course, Zoldyck family being what it is, Killua has a fair amount of experience with not puking. BUT IT'S NOT EMETOPHILIA.

The ride starts clunking along after the older teen running it gives them the usual safety spiel. Killua is already jolting around and trying to look about as they start going up the first low slope.

He's trying to decide on the best spot to give his confession and maybe be able to pretend he didn't say anything if it doesn't go well. Where will people be screaming the most? ]
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Those things—you can't judge 'em. You can measure the amount of vomit.

[ Killua... But, up they go! He leaves the topic of vomit competitions behind in favor of looking offended at the prospect of holding on to Gon. ]

Why would I want to do that? You weirdo.
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Nothing's wrong!

[ Says Killua, only raising his voice to be heard over the rush of wind as they go down the first slope. He's thinking about how he wants to tell Gon (confess), and even the swooping feeling in his stomach is negligible. He waits for the screaming to die down before continuing. ]

I just wanted to say... [ mumble mumble, as the roller coaster loses momentum just on top of the next hill. ]
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[ Argh! Dammit, why does Gon have to be a good, attentive friend and not let him get away with mumbling weird things to himself? Killua frowns through the entire next drop, working up the courage despite the knots in his stomach so that when they get to the top of the next hill, he finally says, loudly— ]

I just wanted to say—I—I like—you.

[ Okay so he kind of trailed off at the end there, BUT he could attribute that to the next stomach-yanking descent of the roller coaster almost vertically downwards. ]
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[ Dammit! He knew this was going to happen—Gon misinterpreting words like "like". As the roller coaster rattles along, swooping down from the top of the loop, Killua groans loudly. ]

I don't mean it that way! [ He nearly screeches, just as the roller coaster goes up on another loop. ]
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[ Killua's gone back to looking away, even though the momentum with which they speed forward with strains the muscles in his neck when he chooses to keep his face in that position. ]

I meant... [ Urrrrrgh. Killua shuts up, jaw clenched and staring far away until the roller coaster finishes up its run and starts rolling back into the loading station. ]

...I meant that I like you, stupid. [ His face is red, isn't it. Oh god. Killua starts taking the safety bar off even before the attendant comes, mumbling now. ] I really like you.
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[ GON PLEASE why do you have to make everything so hard and genuine?! Killua sighs explosively, the sound turning into a frustrated growl near the end. ]

Gonnnn! [ He kicks his feet, bounces his knees, but he doesn't try that hard to get out from beneath the lap bar. Gon's right, in a way. He has to be clear, now or never. ]

I don't just like you, dummy. [ Finally he looks at Gon. Recently just seeing his face has struck Killua with weird feelings in his stomach and made him sweat, and this time is no different. But seeing Gon makes him happy, too, so happy that he can't deny it for any longer. Even if Gon doesn't feel the same way, Killua needs to tell him before it bursts out of his chest. ]

I love you.
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[ Killua jolts in surprise when the bar of the roller coaster goes up, the metal barely missing his forehead on its way up. The line of people waiting to get into the roller coaster is starting to get impatient now, but Killua really does not care. ]

You do?

[ Despite his earlier bravery in confessing in the first place, Killua has a flush spreading across his cheeks and firmly into his ears. He grabs after Gon when he pulls back reflexively. ]

I love you. [ He has to repeat it. ] Gon!

[ His chest feels tight and he thinks he might pass out, he's so lightheaded. It's the way he felt when he had to hang upside-down by his feet or by his knees for hours and then got back up. He's so happy, though, it doesn't feel right. ]

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