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    first things first, here's my muselist! memes or psls are fine (au, canon, or otherwise). i'm open to any configuration of gen (fluff, angst, what-have-you) or shipping (m/m, m/f, f/f) given that there's chemistry between the characters in question (whether cross-canon, original, multi-shipping, etc). this also applies to sfw + nsfw situations (i'm 18+). pre-planned threads or threads written off the cuff are equally cool, too. for the former, hit me up with a message on any of my accounts, and for the latter, feel free to drop something on my perma-open rp post and i'll get back to you.

    also, no worries as far as backdating and boomeranging go! i write in action brackets by default, but i'm more than willing to do threads in prose, so just let me know if that's what you'd prefer and i'll be more than happy to oblige. ask before any threadhopping or fourthwalling and we'll be golden. if you ever need to contact me, a PM works just swell, thanks!

    □ alice in wonderland au
    □ apocalypse au
    □ arranged marriage au
    □ archetype twist/alignment switch aus (ex. the prince goes to rescue the princess and finds out she's the dragon)
    □ band au
    □ battle royale au
    □ best friends au
    □ bodyguard au
    □ crime/mafia au
    □ demon contract au
    □ demon/angel au
    □ dystopian au
    □ espionage/secret organization au
    □ eternal sunshine of the spotless mind au
    □ harem au
    □ mermaid au
    □ mythology/gods au
    □ prison au
    □ reincarnation au
    □ royalty/court intrigue au
    □ rpg au
    □ sworn loyalty aus (ex. knights, kept promises/oaths, etc.)
    □ the purge au
    □ time loop/paradox au
    □ twin/sibling au
    □ utena au
    □ vampire au
    □ werewolf au
    □ witches au

    □ writing out implied/heavily insinuated canon scenes
    □ canon divergent/what-if scenes
    □ the characters as children (i'm weak)
    □ tyl
    □ body swap
    □ in-game fuckups
    □ endgame continuations
    □ gifting each other presents
    □ sleepovers
    □ roadtrips
    □ first time smoking/drinking
    □ going to a haunted house/creepy circus
    □ going to a jazz club
    □ morning after but out-of-context
    □ tied-up together
    □ abduction/kidnapping
    □ both characters in a dream
    □ that trope where one character ends up unconscious but it's the still-conscious character who’s the most injured
    □ injuries as a whole
    □ one character looking after another sick character
    □ one character looking after another dying character
    □ hurt/comfort in general tbh
    □ slowly turning into/witnessing a loved one turn into a monster
    □ dramatic/sad rain scenes
    □ farewells/inadvertent last meetings unbeknownst to both parties
    □ in mourning
    □ melodrama and angst, apparently
    □ crying, give me the tears
    □ betrayals and confrontations
    □ vengeful grudges
    □ corruption (ok)
    □ gore/mutilation, why not
    □ dying together/killing each other, wtf
    □ horror + trauma + tragedy catch-all
    □ psychological themes (ex. mindscrew, manipulation, paranoia, etc.)

    □ [redacted kinklist shit]
    □ awkwardness
    □ handholding
    □ lap-sitting
    □ cuddling because i'm weak
    □ bed-sharing
    □ strip-tease
    □ flexibility
    □ overstimulation but also crying ........
    □ powerplay/punishment play
    □ romcom-esque texting
    □ date gone awry
    □ 3p/4p/5p please, give me ménage à trois
    □ experience/height/age gap ........
    □ in-game canon ships
    □ in-game cross-canon ships
    □ role reversal
    □ slow-burn relationships
    □ codependent/dysfunctional relationships
    □ love-hate relationships
    □ protagonist/antagonist
    □ ust
    □ unrequited love/pining
    □ breaking up
    □ erratic, heated confessions
    □ marriage proposals
    □ fwb
    □ oblivious friends crushing hard on each other
    □ friends that act like old married couples
    □ friends turned lovers
    □ enemies turned lovers
    □ otome-level bad ends
    □ yanderes